Monday, June 22, 2009

This is such an exciting topic!! (sorry for being ironic)

I just can't understand how they pretend me to talk so much about my "blogging experience".

But i'll make an effort:

The truth is that i 've never had a blog before. Neither a fotolog, a myspace, a flickr, a facebook etc...I've never understood the "virtual social life". I think i have a probblem with virtual life in general. I always prefer go for a walk, or see some friends that staying at home in front of the computer. A reason wich maybe can explain that, is the fact that in my house there's only one computer and my mother work in house, obvously in the computer. In fact, just now i have to get worried: my mum give me only thirty minutes for use the computer!!

In the english classes context, i think that blogging is a good option. Maybe if is not really my style, i think that we have to take advantages of virtual tools, and beginning to combine education and technology. Trying new supports open new ways for creativity. I think that the blogs make us feel that we have an own space. And that give us more flexibility, and more posibilities to express us, to talk about we really want to talk. I thing the blogging experience give me some fresh air...

Monday, June 15, 2009

who knows...

If things going well, I´ll finish that career next year. Then I’m going to study dance, maybe in "Espiral". The dance career is five years long. The idea to study six more years of my life bore me, but fortunately I’m just twenty. Besides, I’m shure that I’ll be every day happy when I study dance. In vacactions, I’ll travel somewhere, maybe to Cuba or Brazil, to keep studiyng African dances, then I could give classes of africain dance, maybe for a more demanding public. I could make some money to living independly (or with a partner), or even to travel. I want to travel to Paris too, I think that in my life I’ll live a few years there or I’ll travel a lot to there because is my second country, the place where I was born. All that is a little idea of the future, the future that I imagine with those eyes that I got today. But really, I think that things would be quite different. Untill today my experience says me that life is more surprising that we think I don’t know how and I don’t know when, but one thing that I’m shure is that I’ll going to Africa someday.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Danza dentro del Globo

(The title of this posting is just to pay your atention)

My favourite subject this semester is “Danza Moderna”. In fact, it’s not an official subject of my career but I made some moves and now it counts as a C.F.G (curso de formaci√≥n general). I love it, because I can dance and at the same time I can make credits for my career. The subject is obviously a subject of the Dancing career so I take it in the dance faculty of my university.
More specifically the subject is “Leder Technique” a derivative of Modern dance which comes from the German expressionism. It’s why because its focus in the expressive aspects but without forgetting the academic technique (the technique based on the oldest traditional conception of dancing: ballet). In other words, it’s an evolution of Ballet but giving more space to the real body expression, free of many formalities of traditional dance. The objective is to join movements with the breeding and with the feelings caused by those movements. This semester i learned some principal characteristics of this technique are: “using the space”, the contrast between tension and distension, fast and slow…
The teacher is Angélica Seguel, a very good teacher.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pina Bausch

I´m going to considerate dancing like "my field".

In that context a person who i strongly admire is Pina Bausch. A german dancer and choreographer who is the creator of the "dancing-theater" concept. She´s considerate crucial in the vanguard of contemporain dance by her creation full of essential images.

She has a determinated methodology: her and her company the "Tanztheater" travel all over the word for living one month or two in special places. ( Some years ago she went to chile with her company and lived one month in Chiloe, and one month in the desert of Atacama). Then she create a choreography inspired on the essence of the places. She works on developping forms, by movement or even by theater, wich could express the particular ways of life of the particular place. In the body language of her dancers there´s a research into the profounds human feelings, and its relation with the environment. I really love the work of art of Pina Bausch. Her creations are very abstracts and very expressives at the same time. You can see in a kind of way the essence on it.

I think my best friend is a girl call Besna Brzovitch. (Her name has a Croatian origin)
I met her in a party of some friends, wich i met by some others friends, wich i met by some others friends...It was five years ago and i was in my second to last year at school. I remeber that when i talked to her to the first time i realized that she was a very close person to me. I think that the things we have in common are to profunds to describe with simple words, i only can say that we understand eachother. But in a superficial way we are quite different. I thing she's a person more relaxed than me, or even more "simple" (in a positie way) in the sense of living her life without getting complicated. In my case, sometimes when i have a problem, i attach too much importance to it. She often teach me to be less eager (ansiosa). i give it too much asking so many questions...
A thing what we do together, or more precisely a thing that we share is passion for dancing.
Two summers ago we went to Bolivia together. I remeber that there, in "la isla del sol", i shave her...