Thursday, November 5, 2009

Art in public spaces

I think that to begin, art have a very important challenge which is to take an important part in society; because it has, in my opinion the capacity to contribute, in a deep way, to the society's well-being. In that sense it has too, a lot of challenges concerning the technology, the social matters, and the education too, if we consider it like a social actor. Maybe that expression sounds very large but in my way to understand things, I refer principally to art in public spaces. I think that ART IN PUBLIC SPACES is the way to understand the art wich has more possibilities to irrupt in society. Because nowadays, the conditions of technology and communication ( the mass media culture) make that people are less interested by specific and hermetic art spaces like gallerys and museums. Today spaces are commons and virtuals. So I think art must go get the people to those news spaces. In that sense technology, is more an advantage that a challenge. Because most of the people is more often in front of their computer, that in front of a painting in a gallery. Technology can help to spread beauty and other points of view. And also to spread information about the art activities in other concrete spaces. (Because I'm not saying either that galleries should dissapear).
By the other hand social matters, and educatation wich is part of social matters, is such a challenge to art. I think art have a lot of potencial to help people in those ways but that quality it's not very use. I think that art should be include in scholl (plastics art, and theorie of art too) to recover and understand the value for things like creation, beauty, even spirituality. Because today all is face to pragmatic things, specially to money. In that sense art would help people to found their own word , wich is, nowadays (in that ephemeral word), the only space wich really belong us. And in that way help people to feel better about their existence.