Thursday, August 13, 2009


I'm going to talk about animal's rigths in Chile, specifically, dog's rigths. That because i saw in the news about one month ago a report about a new law wich "authoritys" (what a word!) want to found in Valparaíso. As you probably know, every year there's in Valparaiso, public's demonstrations (manifestaciones) to avoid the massive murderer of street dogs all around the port. Like in Santiago, dogs are considerate a dirty plague wich attent against hygiene and public healthiness, fact that we can't denied; however, we don't have the rigth, in my opinion, to start an animal genocide just because of the hygiene. Because that would be too hypocrite: my question to the authoritys is why do you have to make a dog genocide instead of stop the promoting of cigarettes (only one example in many others). Dogs don't have to pay our hypocrisy. I'm not saying that dog plague isn't a real problem, but i think that we have to found other solutions. But finally i'll tell you about that new that i saw last month and wich is directly related to this world: "hypocrisy". After people won the rigth to stop dogs killing, authoritys had the brilliant idea to fine (multar) people who feet dogs in the street. Obvously that is an other kind of murdering!!! I hope people don't accept it...


  1. what a good picture!

    the dogs are individuals, and must be consider them like that, etc

  2. jajaja thats a good picture jajaja.
    Im think the same, and in my blog i wrote the same item. See you!