Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm going to focus on the subway of Transantiago's Progarm because it is a big problem in general.
In my opinion, the "transantiago problem" includes two factors: users or citizens, and authorities. Because in our system, unfortunately, those are the only two roles existing. In that way, I think that the basic problem is the fact that people don't have conscience about their own rigths. Or maybe, if we go deeper, people don't have the energy for figth for their rigths because they are tired from work and sleep from the TV. And on the other hand, there`re powerfull people who're working for those people to forget their rigths. When i travel by subway, i hate people, because they don't do another thing that complain, every single day, but they do nothing to change the situation. Besides, because of the extreme situation that the subway represents, people often repeat the same authorities selfishness, when they don't cooperate with the other passengers ( moving to the back when new people get in the train). I think that now the subway situation is much more deshumanize than before. People are seen like animals, and because of that they get more and more selfish. So it's a "catch twenty-two" that goes worse and worse. Maybe the "micros" of Transantiago are more secure and more confortable, but the subway is a shame. I can't understand the fact that authorities can't implement more wagons, or something like that. And i can't understand why people do nothing. The other day I listen to some gringos in the subway who didn't understand why people support that.

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  1. Hi Vale...
    I'm very agree with you about people attitude in TranSantiago system, but in other sense, I think that we need to give more solutions and to see the differents things, not only to demand and demand every second, because this is a new and a very radical process for citizens and autorities too.

    kisses and kisses for tou :)