Thursday, October 8, 2009

I think that my faculty have a lot of problems in all the senses. In one hand there're so many administrations problems. There-s so much burocracy by the fact of beibg a "public university", and on top of that the administration system is a mess. And really, i don't know which is the heart of the matter. Thinking in the fact that the Universidad of Chile is an old university, it shouldn't have those problems. Maybe, this university was in old times, quite organised, but now in the present it has a few problems to adapt to news systems, like technology, virtualisation of the information, and specially the market system. The worst example is when, i don-t know how, your marks appears changed!!!That situation is so ridicoulus because Chile buy northamerican hardwares but those are not adapt to the real situations of the universiry, like internal flexibility...(internal irregularitys)

An other current situation is missing teachers...and that-s because they-re usually very good teachers, but in that sense they-re also writers or researchers, so they don-t have so many times to teach us, even if is their work (obligation). And because of the low salarys, the university don-t demand them.

On the other hand i think ther-re serious politic problems, because students usually don-t take part of the issues, but that is a country problem. I think that the most important is to improve the quality of education because learning to THINK, you can then realise the problems, and how important they are, so figth to improve the situation.

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  1. Hi Vale... I really wish to had studied in a public university... but it was onle a dream...