Thursday, October 29, 2009

news sects

Really i don't know much about sects...I only know that it cames from the subdivision of religions. I think that today the meaning of the word "sect" it's much bigger because there's around the word so many strange groups, that turn around many things. In fact, I live in front a big square in metro Universidad Catolica and I always see a lot of things: the "Harry Potter Group", (some boys around 17 years old who dresses like Harry Potter and go around the park with they magic-wand doing I don't know what). There's an other group of swordsmans who practice the ancient thechnique of medieval fighting (that's original). And an other group, like a kind of POKEMON who gather to dance some freek dances like tectonic (a particular dance which came from Europe). Maybe people says that sects turn around something more mystical. But I think that nowadays ideologys, references and ideas changes every day so I think that maybe those groups, that can be considerated like more superficial, can be a sort of news sects, in a word that change the faith in a god on the faith in technology and mass culture. I think in that way people find sects appealing simply by the fact that they have their own secrets or a special or very specific way of see the word. Anybody imagines why those people are SO interested and sometimes obsessed about something like a manga or a computer game. The amazing thing is that people turn a aesthetics in a way of seen the word. And its depends how tolerant is that way of seing the word if the sect is dangerous or not for the society. If the ideology of the sect involve to reject and ATTACK other points of view it's a bad thing...

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  1. Yes Vale, we can be in a real sect now. The capitalist sect.
    How bad!